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Skygate proposals are the result of decades of experience in the airport and railway sector, designed to adapt to the customer’s corporate vocation.

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For the industrial laundry sector, SKYGATE is the supplier of VIP sponge bath towel washing services for the international group of the giant VIRGIN for the entire area of ​​the city of Rome and for the entire region.

Our production process concerning washing – the linen is collected and delivered with vehicles specially equipped to maintain a physical separation between dirty and clean clothes. The vehicles are periodically disinfected and the dirty linen reception rooms are physically separated from the rooms downstream of the washing machines.

The garments are sorted by type of dirt / fabric. The washing is managed by specific computers and software that manage washing programs dedicated to the various types of dirt, article, colors and fabric. One or more. soak in cold water to allow the elimination of surface and / or water-soluble dirt such as proteins, sugars, salts, etc. Pre-wash at 50 ° for about 6/7 minutes, with the use of formulated detergent product (liquid or powder) and with the possible addition of additives if a strong presence of fats or oils is evident.

Wash at 80° for about 10/15 minutes with detergent product. Bleaching with sodium hypochlorite at 40 ° for about 8 minutes with chlorine concentration around 150-300ppmm at ph9.3.-three rinses with cold water of about 3 minutes each.

A neutralization and finishing phase to neutralize the residual chlorine with sodium bisulfite and alkalinity. residual coming from the detergent with organic (acetic) acid, to avoid yellowing or irritation on contact with the laundry. To increase comfort, a softener that acts as a bacteriostatic is used, being based on quaternary ammonium salts – the treated garments are therefore comfortable at the end of the process and do not release contaminated substances for processing.


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